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Ted BuschTed Busch
19:28 26 Apr 23
Tony has been able to improve our financial stability and show us how we should not run out of moneys for our future life. He has also, been able to improve our monthly take how moneys. This was done by moving money out of our high risk investments and moving some to a lower risk insurance that will pay us a monthly take home.My wife and I have total confidence in Tony and his ability to help those that come to him for assistance. So, if you have concerns with your current Financial Advisor, talk with Tony and get his inputs as how he can help you with your retirement.
Kathleen RockKathleen Rock
15:36 26 Apr 23
Tony listened and provided a detailed report of what my future retirement plan entailed. I feel Tony is the best and most knowledgeable financial adviser in Rockford.
Laddyma OrtizLaddyma Ortiz
14:42 26 Apr 23
Deb FritzDeb Fritz
17:14 18 Apr 23
After procrastinating for a long time, we finally reached out to a fiduciary recommended by a friend and were pleased with the way we felt heard and understood. We are now ready to move forward with a plan for retirement and feel that our financial needs are met.
Alan SzarzynskiAlan Szarzynski
15:07 13 Apr 23
Thanks Antonio for listening closely to my plans, giving financial advice and help in setting up and watching over my financial plan for my retirement years
Jenny WiedowJenny Wiedow
16:35 12 Apr 23
RRP has covered everything for us from Retirement Planning, to giving us multiple options on investments, to our wills and health care planning. Helped us to decide the best ages for us to retire. Always available when we have questions.Tony provides us sound advice on our investments. Breaks everything down in layman's terms. Does not do anything we are not comfortable with. Is always looking out for our best interest.Thank you Tony, for all that you have done and continue to do for us and my Mother.The Wiedow's
Pat SenglaubPat Senglaub
14:29 07 Apr 23
Tony and his staff have helped my husband and I take the first steps towards securing our financial security in retirement. Tony and his staff are very easy to work with. They explained all our options and helped us to decide what works best for our family. Tony is very knowledgeable on complicated financial material; yet explains it so that even someone like myself can understand.
Katherine LetsingerKatherine Letsinger
19:49 01 Apr 23
I have entrusted my retirement money and planning with Tony for more than 10 years. I can't thank him enough for being genuine,honest, available and concerned for making my senior years affordable and enjoyable. He knows his "stuff" and makes your investments work for you!! The friends I have referred to him are as grateful as I am to have him as our "Financial Planner"!
Vernon VybornyVernon Vyborny
23:54 27 Mar 23
Antonio (Tony) is the most honest individual that we know not only as a business person but a pillar in the community. Tony, for many years had sold my wife and I on the idea of Being Our Own Bankers.Years later, now retired we are able to receive what we call our vacation check once a year. Pulling funds from what Tony has used as the Three Buckets of Investments System.We live in a different state now that we're retired. However; we don't plan on making any moves with our investments.

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